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Low Delay option now available for the stream!

Sorry about the long delay since my last stream — between having to build a new capture PC and some RL business I haven’t had much time to stream lately. I have been making good use of my spare time though, and one of the things I worked on is a new low delay option for the stream. This feed will be available in 720p/480p/240p just like the other feeds and also has an automatic setting that adjusts to your internet speed.  
Just about 2 seconds of stream delay *total*. Quite a lot better than the usual 10+ seconds minimum

The new low delay option will be available alongside the HLS and YouTube options that I’ve had before. I really only recommend the low delay setting for desktops, since I got a bit of choppiness on my mobile testing devices.

If you are interested in how this feature works, it uses the SLDP protocol, which is based on WebRTC apparently. In theory this should be able to get less than 1 second of delay, but I’m not sure what the weak link in the chain is for my setup. Oh well, we’ll have to deal with 2 whole seconds of latency 🙁